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Companies worldwide are beginning to realize the benefits of having access to their data anytime and anywhere. Manufacturers have facilities in Asia. Distributors operate in Europe and warehouse in the Mid-West. And wherever their staff is located, they need the advantages of getting results in real time.

Companies no longer want to be restricted to applications that can only be used on a single computer or a single network. They require real time feedback from all their operations - whether they exist in Beijing or Brussels or Boston.

Often the best solution is a browser-based application built using dynamic pages such as ASP, PHP, or CGI. There are several key advantages to these applications:

  1. Run Anywhere
    Browser-based applications can run anywhere there is a computer linked to the Internet.

  2. No software installation
    The traditional solution requires that the client application be installed on each computer where you need to use the program. Diverse operating systems, registry problems, and clashing applications interfere and keep the program from functioning properly.

    With browser-based applications, no installation is necessary. The application will run anywhere you have a web browser (such as Internet Explorer).

  3. No Expensive Communication Lines or Infrastructure
    T1's and dedicated leased lines can be expensive. Often the hardware and software requirements of a web-based program can be satisfied with a nominal web-hosting plan that fit budgets of any size.

    At BusinessWare, we specialize in web-based applications. If you need a program that will run anywhere, you should seriously consider a browser-based web solution. BusinessWare consultants are available today to discuss your specific needs and a solution that will work for your company.

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Browser-based Application
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A Browser-based application featuring ASP and SQL Server 2000. This Concept Management application is accessed by users around the globe -- from Haifa to Los Angeles.

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