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At BusinessWare, we specialize in Microsoft-centric technologies such as MS Access and Visual Basic. Our credentials are best seen in our satisfied customers and our proven track record of successful Access and Visual Basic implementations.

We have spared nothing in our quest to acquire the top talent in the industry. And the results are clear:

  • Applications are more robust and error free.
  • User interfaces are more intuitive and user friendly.
  • Applications contain much greater functionality.
  • Users report greater productivity.
  • Projects finish more quickly and end up costing much less.

Microsoft Access Technologies

  • MS Access 1.0 through 2002
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)
  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
  • Data Access Objects (DAO)
  • MS Access Projects (ADP)
  • Enterprise Integration
  • ODBC and DB2/400

MS Access & Visual Basic
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