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Businesses today have more information at their disposal than ever before. Enterprise systems capture and track every aspect of our business transactions. But when it comes to analyzing that data and understanding what is going on in your business, most companies fall short. In the end, we make management decisions without being fully informed.

A properly deployed data warehouse will allow your company to view and analyze every important aspect of your enterprise information. It will empower your users and management to make informed business decisions.

A data warehouse allows users to answer questions and generate reports without adding to IT backlog and waiting weeks, or even months, for an answer.

Businessware has partnered with Silvon Software to provide the finest business intelligence solution available today. Silvon's Stratum suite of business analytics includes the award-winning Data Tracker Data Warehouse.

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Benefits of Data Warehousing

  • Insight into business trends
  • Accurate performance indicators
  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Increased revenues
  • Higher level of customer service
BusinessWare has partnered with Silvon to provide our customers with the finest Business Intelligence tools available, including Stratum – Silvon’s flagship Business Intelligence Tool. Stratum - The Preferred Solution for Analyzing, Planning and Managing Business Performance

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